A fond Farewell!

Thirteen years, and almost 5280 miles of hiking with the Mamas!  This is what I have been blessed with since founding this amazing hiking club.  Along the way, so many amazing hike leaders have joined our mission of helping new moms feel safe and welcome on the trails.

But it's time to say goodbye...  Mountain Mamas has closed and is no longer offering organized hikes. Most of you know I am a Realtor, and my dedication to helping my clients has taken priority for me.  To keep a full calendar of hikes takes extreme dedication from those moms willing to lead and organize them. I know I speak for all the amazing hike leaders who have offered their time, we have been overjoyed for our time on the trails with you all!  Many of you have become our close friends, and many of you have found life time friendships as well. 

I founded Mountain Mamas when my baby was practically new born and I realized I wasn't comfortable hiking alone with a baby. I had hiked for years on my own, but as soon as I had the responsibility of caring for a little one, I didn't feel it was safe to be without the support of other adults.

So I started an email list of moms who wanted to join me. Before long I had hundreds of moms requesting to be on the mailing list, and one mom offered to create a basic web site where moms could sign up. 

Over the years we have had several thousand women join us! 

Thank you to every one of you who has come on a hike... We will treasure the memories!


You can reach me at: 
46 Hillside Drive
Wheat Ridge, CO 80215